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Tips For Moving With Olympus Removals
How to keep you’re cost and stress to a minimum by following this handy guide to move your home or business. If your looking to move around Sydney or interstate this guide should help your move go smoothly.

Choose The Right Removals Service

Choosing the right removals company for your home or business move is key to a hassle free and easy move day. Make sure your removal services company has the correct size truck and team to complete your move. Look at the full services that your removals company can supply. Do they offer a comprehensive range of packaging products and materials? Do they have dedicated teams for home and business moves? If your Sydney based or interstate check your removals company can offer and insure your items for this service.

Get organised

Start sorting out the cupboards its amazing how much stuff we collect over the years! Organise a garage sale or visit your local op shop and get rid of what won’t fit or you don’t need anymore. Have a good clean out ready for packing day. The more organised you are, the quicker the move. Pack everything up, loose items add time and also hinder safe delivery.

Get Prepared

It doesn’t matter if you need to complete a business or home move you will need to be prepared. Start packing early there is always more than you think. We advise to start packing up to 6 weeks before the final move date. Order your packaging products and materials early. Getting the right size boxes in the right number along with good quality packaging materials will help keep all your items safe and secure. Mark all boxes clearly so your removals team can place them in the relevant places at the delivery address. Avoid over packing boxes so they are too heavy for your removals team to move safely.

Make arrangements

Organize building management! Lock out lifts! Ask neighbor’s to move cars. If you’re in one of the more dense Sydney suburbs thinking about access for your removals truck to arrive is key to a stress free move. Make sure any children or family pets are taken care of for the duration of the move. Call in some favors friends can be lifesavers on moving day. Keep small children and furry friends out from under everyone’s feet. Leave plants un-watered the dirty water can make a horrible mess and heavy plants full of water will slow your removals team down. Leaking plants in the truck can damage other goods in transit.

Have a good clear out!

Donate or arrange council collection for any unwanted items. If you’re never going to use it again why pay to move it. Keep all the cupboards as clear as possible. No grocery shopping!

Be ready on the day!

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Be ready for a fairly disruptive day. Try to approach the move in a positive mood. Having the right attitude and being organized will make your move go smoothly.


Buy a good selection of packing boxes to distribute your items evenly. Don’t over pack boxes with heavy items. All boxes should not be too big or heavy for one man to carry. Label all boxes clearly with a description of whats in them and which room you would like them to be placed in. The Olympus crew offer an unpacking service for your convenience, Just ask one of our friendly staff when you book your move for a quote.

Large furniture

Make sure the furniture which is too large to fit through the doors or down the stairs is disassembled. We can do this for you and reassemble as part of our service. Get the Olympus crew to reassemble your sofa or bed so you can rest after that long day of moving. Be clear to tell us what furniture you will need disassembled and where you want the furniture to be placed in your new home.


All crockery, glasses and breakables should be individually wrapped in paper. Bubble wrapping paintings and large fragile items will ensure safe delivery.

And relax!

Pack a box with a kettle, bottle of water or even a bottle of wine, snacks and maybe the local takeaways number or web address so once that move is over you can kick off your shoes and just Relax! Moving house is exhausting even if you're not doing the heavy lifting so take time to look after yourself and enjoy your first day/night in your new home.

Moving With Pets

They know I swear they know! As soon as the for sale sign is up or you’re out a bit more looking at lease properties! Its a dogs life normally but just look at him he knows I swear he knows. This picture was taken of our faithful pooch Alfie a few weeks before we last decided to move. He has that look? Don’t forget my bed and bones written all over his face and more importantly don’t forget me! For a dog who sometimes goes on the interstate jobs and keeps the crew company you would think he would be use to it? Its that animal sixth sense, its amazing! Moving to a new house can be a stressful ordeal for our four legged friends. Lets face it, its bad enough for us. Making arrangements for our precious pets is crucial to a smooth moving day. Alfie and I hope these few tips help your furry friends move much more bearable and settling in all the more enjoyable in your lovely new home.


To reduce stress for our loyal friend keep him in the garden or a safe room away from the crew until the heavy lifting has been finished. This will keep him from getting underfoot when the move is underway. Another option is to use the local doggie daycare centre so he can frolic with some new pals while you get everything in place for him at the new home. Or ask a friend if they can take him for the day or even overnight.


Cats will normally disappear as soon as they sense something is happening like a big move. Your be ready with the carry case to take them in the car and they will be nowhere in sight! Don’t worry though they will be back usually looking for their dinner so pop back to grab them later after the move. If your kitty is the indoor kind keep your furry friend in the bathroom with some fresh water and familiar bedding or even in their own carry case for the duration the crew are working and take them later when its all packed up in the truck. Cats are fascinated with packing boxes so be careful you don’t pack your cat up in one!


If you have an aquarium please discuss this with your removalist before the move. They may need to use special equipment and make sure there is the relevant space in the removals truck.

Make the call.

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